Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RUR posters

In conjunction for with the RUR T-shirt project mentioned before, I was asked to print the posters to advertise the production. The poster was designed by graphic artist David Croy. There were 100 posters printed total: 50 of the female robot figure, and 50 of the male robot figure. I think they look great! try to check out a performance, November 12-14!

The posters were printed on 18" x 24" paper

RUR T-shirts

I was recently asked to assist in a printing project for Caltech's new play, RUR--Rossom's Universal Robots. The Costume Designer for the production, Janne Larsen, needed shirts printed for robotic characters featured in the performance. The small mechanic door images were printed on the back shoulder of the shirts, and the RUR title was printed on the front. 
 All shirts were printed using plastisol

Finding out that Caltech had it's very own printmaking facilitty was very exciting! Look at how great this quiant old Pasadena back-house-screenprinting-shop is! Older Caltech students' T-shirt designs were strewn all over the walls. Check out some of the work!
"I put the 'stud' in study" and "When your best just isn't good enough" !?!?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


This project will be featured in an exhibition of sewing and social justice that accompanies the Performance, "BEHIND THE SEAMS." The project was made possible with a social justice grant from Loyola Marymount University, where I started teaching a silkscreening class this semester.  The artist who designed this work is Saeri Dobson, an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at LMU.
   I didn't have much time to do this project, so alot of usual testing and proofing had to be forgon and I jumped headfirst into to printing onto folded mens suit pants.  Fortunately most of the small text printed legibly. In addition, I printed 10 sets of the complete image on varying papers black, brown and white--including tracing paper.

  The entire project was silkscreen printed using matt black, gloss black, and gray ink.
The pants spell out the word JUSTICE