Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The talented Miss Emily Joyce had a new print project to attack--hands!  This new set of prints are the same dimension as the first set of prints we had worked on (eyeballs)--55" x 88."

Afterwards, Emily painted large loose snake-like marks over the entire print--more pictures to come!!!

Our color samples and "tokens" used to mark the placement for each hand

Amazing vintage "Mini-Swinger" hairdryer--perfect match for the print!

The finished products:
Snakes were painted with Acryla Gouache

Summer Titone

In between projects, I ran across an ad looking for some screenprinting help. Check out Summer Titone's vintage, recycled and new fashion designs. She's adorable!

Here are tags made to hang with the garments.

Fol Chen

A while back I printed these CD covers for my friend's band Fol Chen. They had the covers printed as a limited edition of 50, to  accompany them on their Fall 2009 European Tour. The music is great! Download the very same albumn right here!!

The CD covers were printed on Stonehenge paper.  The patterned backround is also featured on the bands "uniform!"