Wednesday, April 27, 2011


"Butter Kiss"
"Reverse Consumption"
"The Last Sandwich"
"Stop Doing What You're Doing"
"Take Me Home Tonight"
Superfancies portfolio box
Printing in Matt's Old Town Pasadena studio, provided for him through The Armory Art Center's Artist in Residence Program from Feb. 5-June 5, 2011.
Matt signing his prints
What have I been up to lately? Working on the above suite of prints with artist Matt MacFarland.  Matt was introduced to me through CANAL director, Jessica Minckley, who was interested in including his work on the site's monthly edition called FEATURE, consisting of prints and multiples priced for artists and recession-proof collecting.
   When I first met with Matt to talk about the possibilities of translating his work through print, I could see that painting film positives for screenprintnig would be a perfect compliment to his method of working. Matt hand painted individual color layers with black gesso on mylar, giving the printed versions a nice painterly less-than-perfect look that was really refreshing, compared to the other tightly registered work I had been working through.
  Along with some additional wood type letterpress elements, the food and text themed suite turned out  to be a coyly satiric and sentimental set of prints. It was a total joy to print.
The edition 15 can be purchased for an extremely reasonable price of $150 through CANAL!