Monday, March 22, 2010


Parrot 1 cover, next to it's predecessor SPARROW
The interior
The back cover
 Author, Stephanie Rioux and publisher, Matthew Timmons

This is a wonderful collaborative effort started with my friend, Matthew Timmons, which is one of my few endevours involving creative writing.  The PARROT series was originally issued by Blanc Press (Los Angeles) from 2005-2010. Insert Press, based in Los Angeles,  is reissuing facsimile editions of each title from the PARROT series and releasing a Limited Edition hand-bound set of the collection at the end of the run. PARROT, is a direct reference to SPARROW published by Black Sparrow Press in the late 1960's.  SPARROW was printed using only handset type, and now, PARROT is being produced using more modern conventions: screenprinting and laserjet printing. 
The books were printed on Mohawk Via Satin. 
Individual copies can be bought through Insert Press here, as well as preordered copies of the series in it's entirety.

Rubble Curtains

This project was done with a former instructor of mine at Otis, Melissa Thorne (Fol Chen). She came to me with plans to make a large-scale installation for a gallery show in Houston, Texas.  She was working with the patterns found on sound walls on the sides of  freeways--made to simulate stacked rocks.  Together, we screenprinted 3 sets of linen curtains, in 2 patterns, to work, in a sense as sound curtains within the space.  Melissa also produced a record that was playing during the course of the show; Side 1, her cover of Landslide, Side 2, her cover of Solid as a Rock. Amazing!

The work installed:

MORE HANDS!!!!!!!!!!


The above photos are of the second phase to Emily Joyce's "Hands and Snakes" series. The first half were mentioned before in the entry HANDS, and are now featured here with their finishing touch-- wild gestural snake figures painted across the print with gouache. So far, each series is made up of 3 larger scale prints, and 1 smaller scale print. Each set refers to  a single vinyl version Emily had done previously. As each print is completed, she continues to abstract and edit the imagery through color and placement.

The finished products:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Vast Intransitive Acts/CANAL

Here are some images of prints I have completed recently for 2 separate events.

This 12-color screen print was done for CANAL, an online gallery that also represents in a Highland Park, CA store font.  The site, directed by artist Jessica Minckley, also created a monthly edition called FEATURE consisting of  prints and multiples priced for artists and recession-proof collecting.  My printed edition, of 13, will be included in FEATURE soon.

This 24-color screen print was done for a print exchange to be shown at this year's Southern Graphic Council, in Philidelphia.  Jennifer Anderson organized the portfolio of prints with an experimental theme-- "Vast Intransitive Acts."  Each participating artist entered different source material images from the internet onto a blog.  From there all artists were to refer to the source material to help inform their edition of prints.  Of the 12 participants, some images were repeated in unexpected ways.  Each artist received their own portfolio and the others will be shown at SGC and other locations.