Thursday, October 13, 2011


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I am growing up, and have moved onto a new and improved WEBSITE!!!...and name!

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Gray Area represents the printmaking projects of Maggie White Lomeli. Maggie is a master printer of Screenprinting, Lithography, and Letterpress. In 2009, she graduated from Tamarind Institute of Lithography in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she learned the art of collaborative fine art printmaking. As a collaborator, she works one-on-one with artists and designers to conceptualize projects utilizing printmaking.

"I see myself as being in a special position within art-making in the Los Angeles area because my job as a collaborator is to make stronger work that is informed from a different perspective. My technical role is to translate an artist's idea into a media they may not be familiar with, primarily resulting in making a multiple. My focus on the technical aspects—color mixing, layering, curating, surface quality, trouble shooting and intuition—frees up the artist to focus on their aesthetic role.

Printmaking is an unique experience where the artist slows down and deconstructs their usual modes of mark making, giving them insight into their own process. I act as the facilitator to this process. 

Because Los Angeles is home to a multifaceted community my endeavors include projects that range from large scale installations, to marketing materials, to custom wedding invitations. I enjoy working on any project large or small, and always welcome a challenge."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Here are a few images of prints I had done about 6 months ago, of my own work.  My schedule makes it hard to fit in time to do my own work, and because I work on so much work in edition format, when left to make my own decisions, I like to make one-offs, or, one of a kind monoprints. Thought I would share!  All are screenprinted on various types of rag paper.
A big thank you to Mr. William Carroll at who took these pictures.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Couldn't have done it without help!
These are invitations I printed for my lifelong friend Katie, and her soon-to-be-husband, Johnny. Katie was our photographer for our wedding, so this was my end of the deal--printing her invitation sets. All 150 4-color invitations and RSVP cards were printed on Crane's Lettra, and designed by Katie. You can check out her photography skills here!


Below are a few editions I did for artist Mike Hirsch. The original drawings, from which these prints were made, were hand lettered by the artist. Each edition totals between 120-200 prints.  Hang tight to see where you can get your hands on one of these beauties...
silver screenprinting ink on black rag paper
Black screenprinting ink on gold mat board
Letterrpess into Fabriano paper
White screenprinting ink onto black paper

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Installed in The Architecture and Design Museum.
Behind the scenes: setting up the screenprinting jig modified to print on the 9.5" x 19.5" x 9.5" MDF boxes
Coworker, Andrew Lewiki, asked me to help him with this ambitious project for the exhibition Come In 2: Surf. Skate. Bike. at the Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles.  All 50 MDF boxes were screenprinted to replicate the original Parowax household wax boxes.


Below are pictures of  Emily Joyce's contribution to Detours Tahoe City--a site specific art exhibition in Tahoe City.  For this project, Emily had me print 200 silver on black kites that she later assembled with simple straws string and paper clips. A  corresponding container was set up on the beach, to "invite the viewer to step out of her passive role as audience member and become a participant in the creation of the artwork.  Joyce upends the notion of an artwork’s static site by asking the public to choose the site of this artwork. When the public decides where they would like to fly their kite, the work is complete.  Like a solar eclipse, the black and silver Sun Spot Kites reveal and conceal the sun on a summer day."  More details about the exhibition can be found here.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Here are the Otis, class of 2011, MFA in Graphic Design posters! All 4 students, Cindy Lee, Marina Murad, Sam Siavash Anvari and Sebastien Walker took part in designing this beauty.  The posters were printed in both black/white and black/silver versions, though it's hard to realize in this photograph.
All 100--22" x 30" posters were printed on French paper. Thanks to my husband for his major help with this project!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Below is a poster I printed for a collaborative project between Machine Project and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN.  Machine asked an array of artist to design posters advertising each event held for the Museum’s Open Field summer jubilee. Many of the artists participated in an ad lib screen-printing extravaganza, in what I imagine was a spray of squeegees and ink, and all around blast, I am sure! The featured poster below was designed by my dear friend and regular here on my blog, Miss Emily Joyce, along with addition design help from the very talented Shannon Losorelli. As you can imagine at this point, it would be hard to see anyone else printing her work! So, I did this run of 50-- 26" x 26" prints, black ink on white bond paper.


Here are a set of prints I did for my friends at Clean Aesthetic, a t-shirt and art brand who produce a lot of eco-friendly items from some very talented artists. Check out their stuff!! This Saturday, August 5th, they will be having an art show, with some rumored live screen-printing, which is where this little gem will be featured, at Black Market in LA. Clean Aesthetic provided the design, and I got to choose the colors as my collaborative part. All 15 versions have individual ink and paper combinations.


Here is a print I did, in relation to the post BOUQUET. The poem was read at a couple's wedding and is now printed and offered as an anniversary gift. Very special. The poem was printed in Mica (pearlescent silver) ink on black BFK Rives paper.