Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Sunburn Edition

The above are prints from a variable edition I just finished up for Emily Joyce. All 28- 19" x 19" prints have individual ink and paper combinations.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ana's Wedding Invitation

Here are pictures of Ana's simple and elegant wedding invitations. The letterpressing was done using a photo polymer plate with light gray ink on fluorescent white Lettra paper.
115 printed and cut invitations

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anniversary Gift

Here is a look at a print I did for someone looking for a custom anniversary gift for her friends.  Together we came up with the layout of screenprinted motifs, that reference the couple's wedding invitation, and letterpressed lyrics to the song At Last--the song she had sung for them at their wedding.  The print is 11" x 15".

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Here are a new color versions of Emily Joyce's Sunburn prints, as mentioned before in the post "Sunburn". As you can see, we have a new intern in tow, former Tamarind Alum, Myungwon Kim!  She just moved here to Southern California from Philadelphia. Could there a better way to become introduced to the Los Angeles art-making scene, than through the sunny-disposition of Emily's prints?
Myungwon helping clean the screens
My color match samples were flower-shaped!
Here are some of the AP's pulled while printing:
And the Final:
A similar version printed previously

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hole Editions

Please check out my friend, and fellow Tamarind alum, Lee Turner's press-- Hole Editions. Amazing work being done in New Castle!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Futility of Making Salad

Insert Press describes the featured project:

Joseph Kosuth, in “Art and Its Public” defined an artist community as “...a community of artists who collectively, through individual effort, define what is meaningful at a particular historical moment concretely within the practice of their activity.” And comedian Stephen Fry, while viciously ripping into a head of lettuce, asks why making a salad (with no other motive other than love!) (and a decent desire!) is so frustratingly futile. We have invited a number of artists to address the question: is there such a thing as an artist community? Do they feel a part of one? What constitutes it? What would it mean to be able to collectively define meaning today, in a diverse and ever-changing art world?

Insert Press in collaboration with MATERIAL, an artist-run journal publishing and supporting the artist’s voice, has collected the responses to this question and created a publication of these texts that begin to describe our ‘particular moment.’ With cover design and screenprinting by Maggie White Lomeli and Insert Press, and interior layout design & typesetting by Daniel Lucas, The Futility of Making Salad features texts by the following artists: Harold Abramowitz, Stan Apps, Marcus Civin, Ginny Cook, Dorit Cypis, Robin Dicker, Bradney Evans, Nicholas Grider, Dan Hockenson, Peter Kirby, Elana Mann, Melanie Nakaue, Julie Orser, Adam Overton, Putting On Declan Rooney, Kim Schoen, Charlotte Smith, Jesper List Thompsen, Mathew Timmons, Jason Underhill.

You can purchase a copy of the publication at the event or order a copy online for $8 at or with this link:

All 100 cover copies were screenprinted in 2 colors.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Here are pictures taken of Emily Joyce's newest prints made just before her solo show, New Math, at Inman Gallery in Houston, Texas.  We will be giving a talk about our collaborative process the day after the opening.  The show runs from September 10th-October 23, 2010.
The talented Maryanne Williams did such a great job taking these pictures, which is why I had to post so many!
Every project has different registration obstacles to conquer
Some of the APs we pulled on the side


The finals:
Black screenprinting on paper that was airbrushed in silver first
Silver screenprinting on paper that was airbrushed in black first

Monday, August 23, 2010

Otis MFA Graphic Design Thesis Books

Maya Shin
Diane O'Rourke
The stack of grads' books with a "belly band" made of collagd printing elements

Otis's very first MFA Graphic Design class graduated this Summer!  The talented group of 7 gave away these books at their thesis show to advertise the work they had done in the program. They had asked me to print the screenprinted portions of the books in Cyan and black on chip board. Great work everyone, Congratulations!!!

Insert Press Prints--CREDIT

Insert Press' Mathew Timmons asked me to make these editions of prints that relate to his book CREDIT, published in Fall 2009.  The prints are an addition to Matt's most current project, CREDIT: Installation at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), from August 5-26.  These prints and the Parrot series, mentioned throughout this blog are available through Insert Press.

Edition of 21 prints
15" x 11.5"
On Stonehenge gray rag paper
Made from all of the "page turners" in the book CREDIT

$$$ Cotton Candy
$$$ The Color of Money

Both are editions of 20 prints
2 colors each
22" x 15"
On Stonehenge Gray rag paper
Made from all of the dollar and cents signs found in the book CREDIT

Pittman-Van Leeuwen Wedding Invitations

Here is a look at a Wedding invitation packet I printed for my friend Cira. Her mother, Kathleen Pittman, a Graphic Designer, designed the whole thing. The gold ink letterpressed on champagne textured cardstock looked beautiful with the Italian patterned envelope liners.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Starbursts--at LACE

Emily Joyce participated in Hollywood MerchmART at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions to kick off the Summer! The show, curated by Emma Gray, transformed LACE’s storefront space into an artist-created souvenir shop with price points between $1-$200! Check it out if you get the chance, it'll be up all Summer! A deal is so much sweeter in the Summer.
Here you can see our first official edition printed together, variable edition that is. 25 different 20" x 20" posters in 5 colors of paper and 6 colors of ink. Aren't they fun?!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Titone's Summer 2010

Summer asked me to print the artwork of her friend, Alex, onto clothing she has designed and sewn for her newest Summer clothing line. I had to simplify the paintings to be translated into screenprints, but I think they still carry the essence of the original artwork pretty well. The clothes was featured at a show at New Puppy Gallery in LA, this July. Her website is, and her clothes can also be purchased through Etsy. Have a look!